Friday, March 14, 2008

The Italian? style

In early 1957, the journalist/novelist Michel Cournot spent the entire shoot of Henri-Georges Clouzot's film Les Espions on the set. From that experience, he was able to bring forth Le premier spectateur; histoire vraie. This work could be called a "nonfiction novel" (to borrow a term which Truman Capoté used to describe his masterpiece of the genre In Cold Blood). The following scene where Clouzot prepares to rehearse two of his actors - Gérard Séty and Curt Jurgens - is translated from that book. (page 20, my translation)

"Today, we are going to rehearse in the Italian-style"
"The Italian-style?" Séty said.
"Yes, sitting in easy chairs. Only the text. . ."
"The Italians are incapable of rehearsing in the Italian-style," said Jurgens, "they are too restless! Only the English can rehearse in the Italian-style."


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Marin Karmitz on Alain Resnais

This is quoted from the interview with producer Marin Karmitz on the DVD for Alain Resnais's film Mélo. It is spotted at about 3:40 into that interview.

I saw Alain arrive. He's very shy. How can I explain? He respects others, and his terrible shyness is due to his respect for others. It's very impressive and interesting because it's his respect for others that makes respectable himself. With him exchanges are intense due to his attitude of respect and trust.

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